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1 EFL Teaching Methods Used at the Private Universities in Bangladesh: Effectiveness and Challenges. Professor Sazzad Hossain , Sifat Ullah
2 Teaching English Pronunciation to The H.S.C level students of Bangladesh: Constraints and Considerations. Md. Nadimul Haque Noman
3 Affirmation of Algerian Women’s Identity through the Subaltern Voices in Woman without a Burial Space of Assia Djebar. Navreeti Sharma
4 Human Rights and Diginity: A Quest – Study of Walker’s Novel Meridian. Dr. T. T. Lasitha
5 Re-reading the Juvenile Psyche in Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain. Archana S.K
6 A Comparative Study of Women Characters in The Select Novels Of D.H. Lawrence And T. Janakiraman K. Vijayakumar
7 New Trends in English Pedagogy - Role of an English Teacher. Rubeena,Dr. Farah Deeba Bazmi
8 Women of Patriarchal Society: A Comparative study of Two Women Characters in the plays of Clifford Odets and Vijay Tendulkar R. Murugan
9 Zeenuth Futehally’s Zohra: A Gentle Rebel. Prof. A.H.Parvin