Table of Contents

Serial No. Article Title & Author Download
1 Time Tells Tales: Reading Time in Ray’s Wonderland - ‘The Unicorn Expedition’. Shaoni Dasgupta
2 Is Dalit Identity a Haunting Paranoia? - A Critical Study of Nooru Simhasanangal. M. Lakshmi
3 Resurgence of Self: An Analysis of Dalit Feminist Writings. Manju P. K,
4 Good and Service Tax in Other Countries. K. Esakkimuthu ,Dr. K. Rajamannar
5 Acquiring of English Language through Media Culture. P. KavithaPriya
6 Consciously of a Multiple Outsider: Studying the Indian Diasporic Identity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies with Reference to Two Short Stories Manisha Bhattacharyar
7 Dystopian Women: The New Woman in Popular Culture Dystopian Novels and Mother Goddess Image. K. A. Rabia
8 Bridging Polycultural, Monocultural and Multicultural Situations of Immigrants Dr. OG Basavana Gowda